Suhum Development Agenda Group commend MCE for her great achievements.

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“The Suhum Development Group” have commended the MCE for Suhum, Honourable Margaret Darko Darkwah for massive achievements within her short time in office.



Today marks exactly one year the various Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts Chief Executives were sworn into office of which Suhum Municipality was not exempted. Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah sworn the oath to serve the people of Suhum and it’s environs this same date.

Though may seem to be too early to assess the work of the Hon MCE, the Suhum Development Agenda (SDA) would like to use this medium to highlight some developmental projects completed and ongoing within the past one year. It must be stated with emphasis that this exercise by the SDA was conducted based on physical evidence and extended consultation without any spices of words.


Education has been one of the priorities of this government and would be prudent every representative of the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo will consider his or her first priority among others. Though we SDA can count some few educational infrastructure yet to be completed, the extent of which the Suhum MCE has tackled Education in the Municipality needs to be commended.

Suhum Densuso can now boast of a three unit classroom JHS block with an office and teachers common room. It could be recalled that pupils who completed primary six have to travel all the way to new Juaben North to attend JHS. Not only the distance that were worrying, the risk of crossing the dansu narrowed bridge was enough to worry about considering the fact that they are still very young.

Suhum Abisim school children were competing with snakes and other dangerous animals in their classrooms until the Hon MCE, Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwah visited the school. The dilapidated state left the Hon MCE with no other option than to weep. As we speak, Suhum Abisim can boast of a six unit classroom block, a library and a computer lab which awaits commissioning the next academic year.

Nankese KG was not to be mentioned as children were studying under structures not befitting a town such as Nankese. SDA can confirm that within the shortest possible time the Hon MCE has put up a befitting structure for Nankese KG which feeds the basic schools in the town and it’s surrounding areas.

Suhum Presec has benefited from the compassionate nature of the Hon Municipal Chief Executive by donating to the school a thirteen cone type canopies which now shelter them during the school’s Friday worship session.

Contracts have been awarded for the construction of the various educational infrastructure in the Municipality; an ultra modern teachers quarters at Zorh, a three unit classroom JHS block with an office and teachers common room at Amenhyia, a six unit classroom block with an office and a store room and a staff common room at Okanta.

SDA can confirm that the Suhum MCE has cut the sod for the immediate commencement of the projects.


Roads have some time now been a major concern. Checks made by SDA can confirm that within the past one year most of the rural roads in the Municipality have been reshaped. Roads such as Suhum to Adarkwa road, Obootumpan through Supresu , Akorabo to Zantrama Zorh through to My Name have been reshaped. Nankese to Abisim road has also been worked on. Akote through trio to kumikrom has also been touched. Suhum to kpankpan was not left out. Kukua to koransan, Dr Mabel road, koransang to Abrodiem, Brong Densu to Nkatenkwan, just to mention a few.

The Suhum township roads is a typical evidence of roads network development in the Municipality. The Hon MCE has been able to lobby for a ten kilometer road rehabilitation throughout Suhum township.
The first five kilometers include Suhum Presec road (250m), fire service road (300m), event park to station road (300m), Anglican street (800m), Roman park road (500m), police station road (200m), Osikani ankobea road (400m), zafito road (800m), Municipal assembly road (250m) and old chocho road (1300m).

The additional scope of work to be considered in phase two are: Nmgbertsonya road (1200m), Jehovah rapher road (1200m), Nana kokora 1street (500m), noma Martey Anoma loop (950m), cathecist Asare road (500m), auntie Mary road (800m), vema city road (250m) and Odei Kofi lane (1100m).

The ten kilometer contract is funded by the Ghana Road Fund awarded to Messrs Otuboat Limited. It is no doubt considering the inclusions of the drainage system, SDA is optimistic of a good and lasting road.

Ali to the overhead bridge was awarded under the previous administration, it was abandoned by the contractor for so many mouths. It has to take a strong woman such a the Hon MCE to make sure the contractor complete on time.
Checks by SDA have gathered that the Suhum high street from T-junction to Volta house has been awarded and shall soon see men at work.

Security :

Security in the Municipality wouldn’t have been considered as an achievement should this exercise conducted within the early days of the Hon MCE’s assumption into office. The collaborative effort by the District Police Commander and the Municipal Chief Executive who doubles as the Chairperson of the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC), has added the security situation in the Municipality as one of the major achievements of the Hon MCE within the past one year. The exercise by SDA reveals that the police has strengthened their strategic workforce which is backed by motivation from the chairperson of the MUSEC. The men are now on top of issues so far as security is concerned.

Sanitation :

Sanitation in Suhum Municipality has not been bad. A lot of effort has been made to make Suhum the cleanest in the region. More people have been employed by the zoom lion to see to it that every part of the Municipality has workers to tidy up the area. Lots of bins have been secured by the Assembly from “Ghana First” to reduce littering especially in Suhum township. Forty nine ultra modern toilet facility has been approved for the Assembly to construct to eradicate the canker of frequent open defecation. The Hon MCE recently cut the sod for the immediate commencement of two of the ultra modern toilet facility at Akorabo and Suhum new town. SDA would like to appreciate the work of Suhum Network for Development for their contributions in this regard. Their education to make Suhum clean has really made a headway which SDA believes has been the cause of the drastic reduction of littering in the Municipality.
The disilting of the Suhum stream main bridge has been one of the major project embarked by the Assembly to reduce drastically the flood situation within Suhum township.
The reconstruction of the bridge close to the Roman Catholic Church on the Professor Atta Mills road has also saved some lives and properties as the shoddy work done by the previous contractor only rendered some people homeless during rainy season.

Electrification :

Suhum Municipality has benefited immensely from the NPP Government rural electrification project through the Municipal Chief Executive Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah.
Over forty (40) communities and still counting within the Municipality have been connected to the national grid. Communities such as : koradaso, Anomabo, koransang, Miawani, Gojiase, Tete kaasum, Amanfrom, Ahafi, Atteh, Praprababida, snar, Tei mensah, Krobom, Besease, Kopoanya, Trio, Troto, Kromameng, Gamameng, Betenase, Obonmofo Densua, Adidiso, Supresu -Asarekrom, Kwao Nartey, Wekpeti, Wese, Adzibolo, Abrodiem, Owowase, Nartey Osei, Yaw Boadi, Narteh Anoma, Dedewa Number 1, Dedewa number 2. SDA can confirm are enjoying light.
Under the NPP Government through the Hon MCE, Suhum have seen more street lights which has really enhance security and of course has reduced criminality drastically from the Municipality.


Unemployment we can all bear witness has been a national canker for sometime now throughout the country. Effort by the NPP Government to reduce the unemployment situation is so clear that one does not need a rocket scientist to prove it. Suhum Municipality is fortunate to enjoy all the fruits of the employment policies created by the Central Government. Talking about the cocoa pruning exercise, cocoa pollination exercise, forestry assistant guards, the youth employment authority, zoom lion, etc. SDA accepts that there are still unemployed youth in the Municipality but is optimistic of reducing it in the best of proportionality considering the carefully strategic measures put in place by the NPP Government and of course through the Hon MCE for Suhum.


Checks by SDA reveals that an uncompleted chip compound left by the erstwhile administration has been fully completed and furnished. Another chip compound at Asarekrom has been awarded for contract to see to the health situation in and around the community.

The Suhum Development Agenda would like to commend the Suhum Kenkey party group for their support done to the Suhum government hospital by donating items worth thousands of Ghana cedis as their developmental health support for the love of the Municipality. The Hon MCE has indeed appreciated their patriotism to the Suhum Municipality and to humanity.

We Suhum Development Agenda would like to commend the Suhum Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah for her achievements within this short time in office. We are optimistic that the future of Suhum looks brighter than before. We wish her all the best in the coming years. May God be with you Honourable Margaret Darko Darkwah.


Baah Samuel (GOSH)

Nana Ama

Kwabena Agyei

Osei Daniel
(in charge of social media)

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