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The general overseer and founder of “THE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST PRAYER GROUP OF ALL CHURCHES” at Kronum Aboahia in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Apostle Dr. Dirl Airl King Mashal has stated that interim death is going to hit homosexuals (Gay and Lesbians) from now till 21st December 2053.

According to the Apostle, the death will happen all around the world and there will no be a living homosexual after 21th December 2053

“God wanted to kill them with fire, but those who are not homosexuals will be affected, so he has decided to do so through chronic and severe sickness” he hinted.

“God revealed this to me after my days of fasting and players, the most annoying thing is that some great Pastors have delved themselves into this calamities, but the Almighty God will never let them go Scott-free. He added.

Apostle Dr. Dirl Airl King Mashal, therefore urged everyone to desist from sins for the Kingdom of God is at hand

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