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by: Counselor FENYI

1. Never walk with people who make you feel like a second-class person. Inferiority complex starts from the things we hear. Be careful of who and what you listen to.

2. Never walk, talk or dress to impress anybody. You may not have a sweet voice like *D. Cryme* but you can still succeed in music like *Sarkodie.* Just be yourself!

3. You don’t need everybody to like you before you succeed. You can become a president with just 50%+1 votes, don’t struggle to get 90% approval when 50%+1 can take you there.

4. Practice infront of people who can’t notice your mistakes. If you want to be a great preacher or speaker, you can start by speaking at “children gatherings” or “family and friends gathering”. The children can’t notice you are “shy and fumble”. And use the chance to work on yourself.

5. Never compete with anybody. Each person has his distinct talent, appreciate yours and love your life.

6. Stay in “preparation mode” till your time comes. Don’t rush it, just prepare. Until David led Israel as king, he led a flock of sheep on the field. Keeping leading sheep till you get the chance to lead humans.

7. Speak to two people every single day: *Yourself and God.* Always look in the mirror and say something positive to your image. Also, speak to God each day, He’s your greatest confidant.

8. Never force yourself into someone’s life. Put value on yourself, if they can’t afford you, let them go.

9. Never be an option, choose to be a priority. Don’t be a “side-chick”, be a “boss-chick”, don’t be a “and many more…”, be the main artiste. You are very expensive, even God bought you with the “blood of his only son, Jesus”.

10. It’s okay to be imperfect. Try to be perfect but don’t kill yourself to prove perfection. After all, the most perfect human that ever lived, i.e. Jesus, was killed.

11. Concentrate on developing yourself each day. Live each day a better person than who you were yesterday. If after 5 years, you are at the same level, job, school, position, wealth, status, etc, then check your life well.

12. Appreciate the little things. Love your skin colour, love your height, love your size, love your hair, eyes, nose, legs, etc. Just love everything about you!
Self-confidence starts from self-love.

Thank you

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