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Hahaha, did l hear NDC predicting doom for this country?. I sat by a television and l heard Hon. Atto Forson and his cohorts in a press conference predicting that this country is going into the dark old days where Ghanaians suffered unprecedented hardships and hunger. The days where food became scarce.The days where prepared Kenkey was bought raw and cooked by customers themselves . The days where common water was hard to find. The days where Ghana largely depended on Aid to survive. The days when churhe’s, especially the Catholic and other missionaries fed the country. The days where the revolution and coups were rife?.

The question that came to my mind was, Do these people know what they are saying? Those were our darkest days. They are days that nobody, I mean nobody should dare predict for Ghanaians. Anybody who calls for 1983 should be stoned to death. Those who make such references are nation wreckers, they are doomsayers, wicked and should not be allowed to rule this country again. It is a taboo to even mention this predicament let alone praying for Ghanaians to be in.

No wonder, l even want to believe that Atto Forson and most of the NDC people who made the press conference were not born by then. Even if they were born,I believe they were little children so they did not see or feel it. All things being equal, how can Ghana at this time under the leadership of H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo go back to the dark days. If NDC couldn’t take us there, then how on earth can NPP do that?. I feel pity for the NDC. I am beginning to believe that they don’t do much research before they come out with their numerous press conferences. They don’t think through very carefully what they want to say before it is delivered. Yes, one can make comparisons but l think you cannot compare eggs to avocados although they all have covers or something inside them.

God in His wisdom have proven to the NDC that you cannot predict or prophesy emptily like this. Immediately after their predictions and prophecies, it has rained till now. NDC is not God. And even if Ghana will go through any hardship then it will emanate from your numerous corruption and bad policies you left over. But alas, Insha Allah God will not let this happen to Ghana. Not under the leadership of the blessed Nana Addo and his able lieutenant, Dr. Alhaji Mahmoud Bawumia and the efficient economic team. Doomsayers you have failed. I pray for long lives for you so that you can see the glorious days ahead under NPP government.

NDC, repent and criticise constructively and stop those baby- punch press conferences. They are yielding nothing significantly.

Thank you.


Dr. APC’s Desk

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