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The Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS) have learnt with dismay the slow trick adopted by managers of the Student Loan Trust Fund to deny legitimate applicants their due. GNUTS wishes to register our disappointment in SLTF for failing to release funds to Students to enable them to pay their school fees timely.

To us, SLTF, for that reason Government has entered into a contractual agreement with some Tertiary students across the Country to provide them with repayable loans to enable them to pursue their undergraduate careers in Tertiary Institutions with strict terms and conditions.

The Students having gone through the laborious task of satisfying the requirements for accessing the loan facility, it remains our considered opinion that SLTF sticks to the agreement, FAILING to do amounts to a breach of contract on the part of the Student Loan Trust Fund. What amazes us is the pretentious posture of SLTF as though they are oblivious to the plight of challenges facing their clients on the various campuses of studies.

For us as a Union, its being two months or more since the semester begun and there is no sign of the Trust reimbursing beneficiaries anytime soon as to enable them to register and take part in academic activities, contrary to the claim by the Trust to pay beneficiaries fortnight after successfully registering with them.

It is becoming apparent that our Government is set to deny students the loan facility for this semester without any excuse. What importance is Government attaching to Tertiary Education? For how long should subscribers wait to receive that which is legally theirs?

We have in the past three weeks received countless Complains across the Technical Universities /Polytechnics across the country to the effect that Students who have duly qualified for the loan have been calling on the Trust to explain to them the reason(s) surrounding the delay of the disbursement, but management of the Trust is not forthcoming with any information.

The reluctant posture of Student Loan Trust Fund gives us the impression that the Trust has no money to disburse.
We are by this medium serving notice to remind all who have benefited from the Students Loan Scheme to make it a point repay their loans to make it possible and easier for others to benefit and to a large extent sustain the Trust Fund.

We are by this statement urging Government through the Ministry of Finance to stop frustrating students and speed up the disbursement processes to ease the burden of beneficiaries on campuses.


Sandra Agoli Iddrisu
(Coordinating Secretary)

Addae Micheal Nyametease
(Public Relations officer)

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