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A radio journalist and a concern citizen Nana Beyin Jr. Is pleading to philanthropists and other religious bodies to help the disables by providing them good and comfortable toilet facilities, separate place to fetch water at which they lives, special learning materials to those in schools ,special medical treatment when found at the chips or hospitals..etc.

According to Nana Beyin it really sudden and makes them feel disappointed as Ghanaians and cheated when a sitting government fails to fulfill promised made to them during their campaign days.

He further added that, since disability comes from different angle,special treatment should be provided, for instance when someone who walk is mingled with people who can walk to share the same toilets and water facility in the community, how do we expert them to utilize and enjoy them,which sometimes makes them feel isolates and sometimes leads to high depression.

He finally pleaded to the philanthropists and other denominations who are always compassionate to come to their aid since the government sometimes fails to understand them and solve their challenges for them

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