Blame NPA for recent hikes in the prices of petroleum products in the country – Union president

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The concern drivers association of Ghana president Akyem abuakwa north in the Eastern Region Abenbebom has angry blame the National Petroleum Authority NPA for recent hikes in the prices of petroleum products in the country

According to Abenbebom he visited various petrol stations, mostly in the Abuakwa North and South district, showed that the price of patrol has gone up to Ghc 25.00 per litre and diesel up to Ghc 25.00 per litre

This increase has been noticed at filling stations such as Goil, Total,

However, fuel prices are not uniform as other filling stations such as shell and others are selling petrol at Ghc 26. 00 and diesel at Ghc 26.00

A few small filling stations were selling petrol at Ghc 26.50 and diesel at Ghc 24.50 per litre

Some observers have attributed the rise in the pump prices to the appreciation of the dollar against the shilling. The dollar is steadily gaining against the shilling at Ghc 22.00 buying and selling respectively

Although the dollar was relatively up for the last half of 2018, Trading at between Ghc 22.00 buying and Ghc 22.50 selling, fuel prices remained relatively stable

Abenbebom is calling on the NPA to meet filling stations manager to set up a fixed price for petrol and diesel before all the drivers union in the country go on demonstration

Abenbebom president of the concerns drivers association


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