5 best styles and positions women die to have in bed

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men and women love to make love, but have you ever thought of positions women really enjoy or feel comfortable while reaching orgasm? There are many positions out there, only some of them give more pleasure to women.
Women are always ready to accept and enjoy men’s favorite love positions but women seldom ask for their favourite position(s).
The time has come for men to understand what women really want in bed. Remember, great love happens only when there is a smooth balance between pleasure and comfort.
The Campus Times brings you five amazing positions you need to explore and that will make campus girls and women to always die for your love.
Best styles or positions that women love most in bed
Get dirty with doggy style: Women definitely enjoy doggy style. It is probably one of the best love positions, and also the most arousing position for men. Make sure to perform this style with intimacy and pleasure.
The overused style, missionary position: No doubt, the man-on-woman position is the most common one. It’s boring but making love mostly begins with missionary position, and women still like it. In this position women get more intimate with their partners through eye contact.
Women like riding, cowgirl style: It’s a big turn-on for both the man and woman, and perhaps the most lovely position. Sometimes women like to dominate men while making love. In this position women can move back and forth and stimulate their G-spot for a big orgasm. You may also try reverse cowgirl position.
Get more intimate with spoons position: Side by side sexual position is one of the most comfortable position, and it can really last long. Get naughtier by doing some dirty talk while you can.
Out of control, the standing position: Sometimes women want to jump out of the bed and play again in standing position. In this style, she sits on a surface and he thrust her from the front as deeply as he can, and in all likelihood gets the chance to hit the G-spot. Try this position in the kitchen or on a tabletop.
Simply go ahead and give your girl the most amazing orgasm of her life by employing one of the best styles that women enjoy best while making love.

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